What is Heart of Volunteerism?

For over a decade, Metro Volunteers has honored our community's best volunteers at the annual Heart of Volunteerism Awards Event. We are now expanding the program to recognize more outstanding volunteers in our community each month.

The monthly Heart of Volunteerism Award seeks to honor exceptional volunteers, celebrating the power of the individual to change our communities. Winners are featured on our website, our newsletter, and provided with tickets to our annual Event in May. Nominate an individual using the form below. 

Tips & Judging Criteria

One winner is selected every month by a panel of judges.

Nominees are judged on impact, ongoing involvement, and innovation.

Nominators can nominate more than 1 person per month.                                                                    

Nominees can be nominated in multiple months.

Self-nomination is allowed.

Quantifiable metrics (i.e. constituients served or money raised) help judges understand impact.

The more specific you can be about a volunteer's actions the better.

We love to hear about fresh ideas or processes a volunteer has brought to causes or organizations.

Give specific instances or stories about how a volunteer has gone above the call of duty.

Nomination Form

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