Pro Bono Mental Health & Counseling Program

Metro Volunteers is proud to announce the launch of our Pro Bono Mental Health Program!  We ask you to join us in bringing free mental health services to Colorado’s most vulnerable populations.  We are working to increase access to mental health services by asking for licensed mental health professionals to give their time to offer services to people who cannot pay for them. Please join us in bringing these valuable services to people in need.
Are you overwhelmed? Anxious? Stressed? 
Free and Low Cost Counseling Services are available. 
Call 1-844-380-6355 for more information or to learn if you qualify.

For Practioners

We are seeking licensed and insured volunteers for the following services:
  • Sign up to accept one pro bono client referral at a time, to be seen in your private practice office, from individuals or families who have sought mental health services, but can’t afford treatment.
  • Provide mental health services at Program Host Sites (clinics, schools, community centers, churches, etc.) needing additional pro bono therapists to meet the needs of their clients.
  • Help to screen clients applying for pro bono services and match them with pro bono mental health professionals who can appropriately address their needs.
Please note, all pro bono mental health volunteers must complete a background check through Verified Volunteers.

Host Sites

We are seeking organizations to serve as Host Sites for the Pro Bono Mental Health Program. Please note the following considerations:
  • Does your organization serve the mental health needs of low income Coloradans?
  • Are you seeking to increase the capacity to serve mental health needs of your clientele?
  • Do you have space to host a Pro Bono Volunteer?

Questions? Please contact Kelly Groen at (303) 282-1234 x304 (Greater Denver Area) or Betty Nufer at or (719) 821-2982 (Pueblo Community).