Hunger is a serious and often invisible problem in Colorado. In tens of thousands of homes across the state, our neighbors are struggling to make ends meet. But hunger is solvable—and YOU can make a difference for the families, children and seniors impacted by this issue.

Want to volunteer your time and help ensure Coloradans don't go hungry?

Find open volunteer opportunities with local anti-hunger organizations right now.

To further help eradicate hunger, join the Hunger P.O.D. Squad today! 

Commit to taking action throughout the year- whether it's volunteering, attending learning sessions, educating others or getting involved in another way. As a member, you commit to being a part of the solution by being:
  • Prepared to learn more
  • Open to spreading the word
  • Doing what you can to help
The Hunger P.O.D. Squad is facilitated by Hunger Free Colorado, a proud partner of Metro Volunteers, and it benefits many organizations and individuals across the state. Learn more about the issue of hunger in Colorado and how you can bea  part of the solution at